Well done Team...

'I just wanted to drop you an email & thank yourself & the whole team for the catalogue which we have just received! It looks great & this is down to the brilliant support given by yourself, Paul and all the people on the print presses.

Everyone here is thrilled so many thanks.'


Happy Customer...

This is why we do what we do...

Hi Andy

I wanted to pass on the many thanks that I have just been given on the Kids Look Books.

They have been received so positively by the business and they believe they will be a real asset for the promotion of the kids range from the PR perspective! The fact that they were earlier too the account manager and PR Agency are delighted with.

(The account manager is walking around the building with one of the spares held to the chest with such love and pride you wouldn’t believe!)

Please pass on our thanks to the whole team Andy...


The Dream Machine...

We Introduce you to 'Ani'!

We've only ever had Heidelberg presses - 14, we think, over the history of Maslands (it does go back a long way!!) - Good, solid, reliable German engineering. Now we have a new one, our Dream machine - The Audi R8 of printing presses - compact, sexy and powerful - although rather more friendly to the environment!! The Heidleberg SM52 Anicolor - one of only around 140 presses of this kind installed globally and the ONLY press of its kind in the South West...

So, what can she do? In brief, here are the benefits of 'Ani' at a glance...

  • Up to 90% less waste we save around 400 trees a year, compared to our competitors
  • 100% Offset Quality thanks to consistent inking
  • Faster Turnaround with up to 40% faster job changes
  • Digital Quantities at TOP Litho Quality
  • Special Finishes

Want to know a bit more...

With it's revolutionary temperature controlled 'Anilox' inking units - which consists of fewer rollers, and works with absolutely consistent volumes of ink throughout the entire print process - 'Ani' produces print at a quality that exceeds even our expectations. With many of our Blue Chip clients, it is imperative that colour quality management is assured - 'Ani' hits the spot everytime, with impressive, even density of colour across the sheet and consistency throughout the run. Quality control, which can be complex and time consuming on a traditional press, is amazing on the Anicolor, often negating the need to run colour match proofs or to choose expensive spot colours.

We ourselves run digital presses, and whilst they certainly are impressive with short run, low value goods, there has long been a divide between this work type and the high end Litho work that we have historically produced. 'Ani' bridges this gap - We have a top quality machine, cutting-edge technology, that offers you incredible quality print, viable at digital quantities. As well as the ability to print on a greater variety of substrates than a digital press, still at top quality. We also have a coater and drying unit, shrinking turnaround times and enabling us to produce special finishes that can give your job that added extra impact. Versatile little number, isn't she...!

Along with 'Ani' we have also invested in a new automated folder and 6x station stitching line. With our advanced workflow, and the added benefits of our web2print and Web Approval systems, we have the advantage of being able to look after all of our customer's print needs, remain competitive and ensure quality.

Stop by and meet 'Ani' yourself - she likes to show off her curves ;)